Movstone is a family business, expert in the extraction and transformation of granite. Based in Viseu, we grew in the market due to the high experience and knowlegde in the field.


Movstone operates in the extraction and transformation of natural granite. We stand out from our competitors because of our knowledge, seriousness and reliability. The need to serve the customer with quality means that we have available the very best hydraulic and pneumatic drilling machines. At Movstone, we value the technology and innovation, and for that reason, we use the latest technologies in the extraction of granite. With qualified labor and efficient machinery, we are able to respond to the needs of our costumers, always striving for the satisfaction of clients and with an immense respect for our lead times.




Extraction of granite


SINCE 1979

Movstone is a recent brand of the family business Granipoças, a company that is in the market since 1979. Movstone has a team with decades of experience and with huge knowledge regarding the extraction and transformation of granite. That know-how allows us to work with the very best raw materials and get a good final product. Movstone is able to transform granite in different sizes, with the main focus of working with construction or public works. It’s through the value given to the team, to the innovation and the new technology in that market that Movstone can provide to clients different products like stone, cubes, curbs, ramps, coatings, among others.


Movstone was built because of the passion and knowledge we have for the industry. We work with the client in mind and our main focus is to deliver with great quality. We are experts on the extraction and transformation of granite and work mainly for the construction field and public works.


Movstone wants to deliver every project with the same dedication and enthusiasm, meeting every required standard so that we can reduce our environmental footprint.


Movstone is a serious, humble, capable and reliable family business that is an expert on the extraction and transformation of granite. Everything at Movstone is about the client and our wish to serve him with quality. Our relationship with our customers or with our products are never compromised.